The story

Sweden has 40 years experience in recycling and sustainability practices

- Full Bin have more than 100 years of combined expertise and experience in recycling and sustainability.

Sustainability Practices Inspired by Swedish Heritage and Business Ideals

Our heritage and business concept stem from Sweden, a global pioneer in recycling and waste management. Sweden has held this reputation for decades, with significant milestones marking its commitment to sustainability.

As early as 1984, Sweden implemented a deposit system for aluminum cans, a groundbreaking move that set the stage for future recycling initiatives. Building upon this success, in 1994, a similar system was established for PET bottles, further solidifying Sweden's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Today, Sweden boasts an impressive recycling rate, with approximately 90% of all aluminum cans and PET bottles being recycled. Moreover, the country recycles about 78% of all paper packaging and an astounding 90% of newspapers, demonstrating its comprehensive approach to waste management.

Sweden serves as a beacon of inspiration for nations across the globe, offering valuable lessons and strategies for effective recycling and waste reduction. Its progressive policies and high recycling rates make it a model for sustainable practices worldwide.

Full Bin have a great responsibility and a vision to pass on this legacy to future generations

FB Academy

Creating Hope For the Future Generation through Sustainable Education 

"We think that education plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of sustainability. It is through education that individuals and communities become aware of the importance of sustainability and are empowered to make informed decisions that have a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society.´ initiated FB Academy" - Max Viiask, General Manager Full Bin MENA FZ-LLC