Code Call

Incident reporting tool for Facility Management and the Hospitality sector

Combined use of smart QR codes and intelligent sensors

  1. Scan and report an incident. Reporting an incident can be done either with the mobile web browser our the CleanME app. Each QR code can be set to be either open for the public or accessible for staff members only. 
  2. Stay connected and get real-time data from smart sensors. Humidity, temperatur, waste level etc. can easily be monitored. 
  3. After scanning the QR code the incident is logged in the system and appears on the dashboard. A work task is assigned to a staff member. 
  4. The work task is sent to the staff member as a push notification. This can be combined with a WhatsApp message. 
  5. After completion, the staff member scan the QR code and the task is marked as completed and logged in the system. 

Main benefits

Increased work efficiency

Your staff is up-dated in real-time where they need to go and which task to solve first.

Real time monitoring and reporting

No more waiting for weekly or monthly reports. Get insights, analytics, and updates in real-time, allowing for quicker decision-making. Sensor based information and data are monitored 24/7. 

ESG Fully Managed Service

Our unique service makes ESG reporting easy for every business. Kick-start your ESG programme even without a team of people – it’s why we have partnered with ESG PRO. We offer a flexible, staged, approach. so you can master the preliminaries such as materiality assessment and your supply chain audit, and progress to KPI reporting when you’re ready.

With our personalized “hands-on” live support it’s like having a full team in-house.

Fully customized and integrated system

Code Call is tailored to fit your unique operational needs and can integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Increased customer experience

By actively engaging with your stake holders and responding to their needs promptly, you will enhance customer satisfaction and reinforce a positive image as a responsive, sustainable and citizen-centric organization.

Cost-effective solution

Beyond the tangible savings in labor and increased efficiency, CleanME provides unmatched value for its cost.