Proactive Cyber and IT Security

Security Everywhere - the worlds best Cyber protection 24 hours a day. Guiding you step by step to ensure your business is fortified against the ever-evolving threats of the digital world.

First line of defence - Email Security

About 94% of all Cyber Attacks arrive via your inbox. Email is most likely the entry point for cyber threats, including phishing attacks and malware. Securing it is akin to locking your front door preventing unauthorized access.

We provide robust email security that integrates with your existing Microsoft 365 setup, scanning every email for potential threats before they reach your inbox. Remember it’s vital that every device and email account in your company is protected, as one breach can compromise the entire network.

Next, computer/server security - Safeguarding your Digital Infrastructure

Your computers and servers are the heart of your business operations. An attack here can halt your business, compromise your data and damage your reputation.

With AI-powered tools, we monitor your systems around the clock, identifying and neutralising threats before they cause harm, ensuring your business runs smoothly and securely.

Password Security - The Keys to Your Kingdom

Your passwords are keys. If they’re weak or stolen, they can unlock access to your business’s most sensitive data and systems.

We offer a comprehensive password management system, including dark web monitoring and multi-factor authentication, making the task of managing strong, unique passwords simple and secure.

Data Backup and Recovery - Your Safety Net

Even with robust security measures, incidents can happen. Regular backups are your safety net, ensuring that you can recover your data and continue operations even when the unexpected occurs.

Our automated backup service for Microsoft 365/GSuite not only secures your emails but also data across OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint. It’s your assurance against data loss from any cause.