Incident Reporting & Data Collection

We recognize the importance of efficient and straightforward data acquisition and information gathering. We are committed to making these processes as seamless as possible to meet the unique needs of every client.

Flexible Data Gathering Tools

To cater to diverse requirements, Full Bin provides a range of innovative tools, including Smart QR codes, NFC tags, and various sensors. These technologies are specifically designed to streamline data collection, ensuring that it is comprehensive and user-friendly.

Advanced Data Management with YGGIO DiMS®

At the core of our technology suite is the YGGIO DiMS®, an award-winning Data Infrastructure Management System. This versatile, open horizontal IoT platform is ideal for any Smart domain, supporting the integration of a wide array of sensors, IoT, and IT technologies, irrespective of the manufacturer. Its standardized API fosters a vendor- and technology-neutral environment, crucial for service developers who prioritize flexibility and scalability.

Easy Monitoring and Reporting

Our systems are designed to simplify the monitoring and reporting processes, making them easily accessible and interpretable for our clients. This ensures that critical data is always within reach, enabling informed decision-making and efficient operations.

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