Education & Awareness

FB Academy - Creating Hope for the Future Generation through Sustainable Education

Presented at the World Education Summit in Dubai, February 2024, FB Academy will provide the most comprehensive learning platform within sustainability for young kids.

We believe in a sustainable future and consider education as the most effective means to achieve it. We primarily target children in the Middle East and Africa  and aim to incorporate sustainability into their educational experience at an early age.

Our mission serves as an anchor of optimism and actionable change. We're not just committed to sustainable development as an abstract concept, but as a concrete roadmap to a better future.

However, education, knowledge and learning are the basis for all development. Our methodology is based on science and proven methods combined with the latest digital technology.

Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Our experts are frequently hired as speakers or hosts at workshops, seminars and conferences world wide. Main topic fields are ESG and Sustainability Reporting, CSRD, Cyber Security, Sustainable Education and Waste Management Solutions.

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